This is the video that made me fall in love with creating media back in 2013. Like most young girls, I hated so much of my body and was always trying to find ways to fix it. This short film, The Game of Perfection, is the manifestation of that feeling and eventual freedom that comes from self-acceptance.
What you don't see: I papered an entire room in my house with black paper and set up 3 ordinary lamps as lighting. I used sheet pans covered in tin foil and some shiny paper as reflectors. I used a point and shoot camera that was duct-taped to random items to hold it in place. The colors were so bad, I had to make the entire thing black and white. But, at the end of the day, it said exactly what I wanted it to. And for that reason, it is still one of my favorite pieces that I've created to this day, even 6 years later (I was 17 here).
I leave this here not as a demonstration of my current production skills, but as a way to (1) memorialize to the first film I made that actually said something that truly mattered to me and (2) showcase that I will always do my best to make something that matters even if the only tools I have are aluminum foil and a point-and-shoot camera.
Created in 2013, Senior Year of High School
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